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Victor Hydraulics has an unrivalled reputation for both designing and manufacturing fully engineered hydraulic cylinders for specialist applications. This style of hydraulic cylinder is required in a variety of applications from one off customised hydraulic cylinders and project based designs to OEM specific designs for production. Victors have experience with all these scenarios.

Victors source a wide variety of materials globally for hydraulic cylinders including those materials required for demanding applications and environments. We can offer a comprehensive range of various grades of steel, stainless steel, aluminium, bronze and cylinder rod materials, as well as those with high performance finish coatings. Specialist hydraulic and electronic components are also sourced, which can be supplied as embedded components in the hydraulic cylinders.  A wide variety of seals are sourced for specific applications.

Our customers operate in a diverse range of industries – construction, forestry, mining, marine, agriculture, transportation and others. For hydraulic cylinder applications in each of these industries Victors have extensive experience.  We are also proactively expanding our knowledge and looking for new materials and technology by, for example, sending our engineers to both local and overseas conferences and exhibitions.

We specialise in collaborative engineering. Our team of design engineers are able to act as an extension of your product and development team – Victors can provide input that meets your company’s needs from concept to in-depth design or any part of the process. Our hydraulic cylinder knowledge can be interfaced with your in depth knowledge of the application field to come up with the best solution possible.  In our experience the earlier we can work with you on your project, the better the result we can offer.

From specialist application criteria to difficult operating conditions, Victor Hydraulic Cylinders can design, develop and manufacture the best hydraulic cylinder for your application.

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