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Victor Hydraulic Cylinders manufacture purpose designed and off the shelf hydraulic cylinders for the Transport Sector. The most common applications in this sector are:

  • Steering cylinders
  • Suspension cylinders
  • Trailer widening cylinders
  • Ramp and Tray cylinders

With our specialist engineering input Victor Hydraulic Cylinders can assist including associated controls such as linear positioning transducers and embedded controls.

This is a 7 Line Widening Platform Trailer manufactured by TRT in Hamilton. This trailer is 17.5m behind the gooseneck as a 7 line trailer and can be sectioned with an 8m 3 line and 9.7m 4 line. It is used for carrying bridge beams up to 85T. The Victor Hydraulic Suspension Cylinders and Steering Cylinders allow the Trailer to steer around and raise the load above various obstacles it will encounter. Additionally hydraulic cylinders are used to widen the trailer when required